Your First Step to Financial Freedom: Be An Owner.

Do You want to make your first step to Financial Freedom?

Do you want to give a little but great financial advice to your children?

Do you want to teach them a simple way to escape the Rat Race, be free, happy and successful in their life?

Be simple. Be effective.

Let’s repeat to them:

“Don’t be a consumer. Be an owner.”

This easy concept embrace almost everything I know and everything I have ever read about FIRE movement, financial freedom, wealth-building and financial independence.

If you want to reach financial freedom, you must own various assets that produce income.

Examples of these include, Stocks, Bonds, REITS, Real Estate, a Website, Royalties from Digital Assets or Digital Products.

You can either buy (stocks, bonds) or build these assets ( websites, digital products), but your objective must be to own things that make money when you are sleeping.

When you’ll own a good amount of these things, you don’t have to work no more. If you have a decent monthly cash flow, you are financially free.

Your assets will work for you, generating a cash flow that will consistently bring money in your pocket.

Generating a Cash Flow is your first step to Financial Freedom.

If you are lucky, you learned this lesson early in life and now you are financially free.

If you are not too young, don’t worry: It is never too late.

Actually I own the following collection of assets:

  • Stocks ( ETF index fund)
  • Digital Assets ( Royalties)
  • Websites

Every month I have a cash flow.

This cash flow is constantly increasing, and soon I’ll reach my financial independence.

I’ve been working on it since 2018, the year my daughter was born.

So, here is my simple but effective financial advice for you.

Don’t be a consumer. Be an owner.

Change your life. Be an owner. Be happy.

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