Financial Independence: Early Retirement Extreme.

Financial Independence Early Retirement

How to reach Financial Independence and Early Retirement: the story of Jakob Lund Fisker. What Is Financial Independence? Reaching Financial Independence is the most important objective for most individuals. Financial Independence means having enough savings and investments, to afford the lifestyle you want and never work again. In other words, you find yourself in a … Read more

Top 5 must-read Reddit Personal Finance threads

Reddit can be a very interesting place for people interested in personal finance and FIRE (Financial independence and early retirement). Here are the top must-read Reddit Personal Finance threads. First access to Reddit threads As you can easily see, Reddit’s front page is a mess of random insider jargon. It’s really difficult to understand what’s … Read more

Advice for financial planning: Be An Owner.

Advice for financial planning

Do you want to give a little but great financial planning advice to your kids? Do you want to teach them a simple way to escape the Rat Race, be free, happy, and successful in their life? Be simple. Be effective. Let’s repeat to them: “Don’t be a consumer. Be an owner.” This easy and … Read more

The 4% Rule for retirement. The F I R E Movement.

If you want to be financially free, you must understand the importance of the FIRE movement. FIRE stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early”. The FIRE movement is a lifestyle community with the goal of gaining financial independence and retiring early. Upon reaching financial independence, paid work becomes optional, allowing for retirement from traditional work decades … Read more

F I R E Financial Independence Retire Early. What is it?

F I R E Financial Independence Retire Early. What is it?

Financial Independence. Why is it so important? Financial Independence means liberation from Wage slavery, a situation in which a person’s livelihood depends on wages or a salary, especially when the dependence is total and immediate. In other words, it is a condition that you reach when you have enough money and investments to afford the … Read more