Compounding Interest vs Simple Interest.

Compounding Interest vs Simple Interest.

Compounding interest: the formula to continuously grow your wealth. Albert Einstein in an interview was once asked what’s the greatest invention of all the mankind. He replied: “Compound interest. It is the 8th Wonder of the World.” There’s no doubt that the compounding of interest is one of the most powerful thing in the world, … Read more

How to build wealth in your 30’s.

build wealth 30s family of four walking at the street

In your 30’s you become wiser and more careful about how you spend your money. Learn How to build wealth in your 30’s. The Cambridge dictionary defines wealth as: a large amount of money and other valuable possessions: People usually consider “wealthy” a person that has a lots of money, land or other valuable things. But before we go further, you need to … Read more

VT vs VTI: Which is better? ETF comparison.


Do you want to reach Financial Independence? Do you want to build your wealth and finally have your FU money? Well, you simply have to invest your money in a proper way. Here we will analyze and compare two of the largest index fund ETFs: VT vs VTI, and find out which is the best … Read more

​Index Fund: How To Invest. The 3 fund Portfolio.

​Index Fund: How To Invest.

If you want to invest in an index fund, you must learn how to properly invest in it. I want to reach financial independence and have a good amount of FU Money as soon as possible, so I became an index fund investor. As an investor, you have to make a choice: be a gambler; … Read more

5 Ways to Build Wealth Quickly.

5 Ways to Build Wealth Quickly

Do you want to build wealth quickly? Well, it is not so simple but if you really want, you can do it. Here are 5 Ways to Build Wealth Quickly. Starting is for sure the hardest part. Initially, you’ll have a huge amount of information to absorb, so many books to read, so many different … Read more

How to Stay Focused on Work.

how to stay focused on work

I’m a Lawyer, and doing my job I need to stay deeply focused on my work. …But when I have some free time, I love waking up early in the morning, while the city is still sleeping, take a hot shower, have a great breakfast, then I open my laptop and for the next 2 … Read more

The Hedonic Treadmill. What is it?

The Hedonic Treadmill.

The Hedonic Tredmill and the FIRE movement. When I heard of the FIRE Movement and Early Retirement for the first time I was very skeptical.  The fundamental ideas at the base of this movement are really simple: Change your lifestyle; Earn more than you spend; Avoid Debt; Don’t buy stuff you don’t really need; Save … Read more

Charlie Munger: “the First 100k is a B*tch”.

Charlie Munger: “the First 100k is a B*tch”.

One day, in 1990, during the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting, a young man asked Charlie Munger – vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the wealthiest people in the world – to give him an advice to get rich: he told him he had a very hard time, he failed in getting started and … Read more

What is Lean FIRE?


Lean Fire: The first step to financial freedom. What exactly means Financial Freedom? What is FIRE? FIRE literally means “Financial Independence Retire Early”. It is one of the most famous terms in the personal finance community. People in the FIRE community pursue Financial Freedom and usually adopt the 4% Rule to know if they are … Read more

Top 5 must-read Reddit Personal Finance threads

Reddit can be a very interesting place for people interested in personal finance and FIRE (Financial independence and early retirement). Here are the top must-read Reddit Personal Finance threads. First access to Reddit threads As you can easily see, Reddit’s front page is a mess of random insider jargon. It’s really difficult to understand what’s … Read more

Why you can’t beat the Market

If you want to reach financial independence you have to invest your money. If you want to invest, you must learn how it’s hard to beat the Market. Before you invest in the Stock Market, you must know that you have two basic choices: Active Investing or Passive Investing. Active investing involves for you to … Read more