How to build wealth in your 30’s.

In your 30’s you become wiser and more careful about how you spend your money. Learn How to build wealth in your 30’s.

The Cambridge dictionary defines wealth as:

a large amount of money and other valuable possessions:

People usually consider “wealthy” a person that has a lots of money, land or other valuable things.

But before we go further, you need to understand a key concept.

Wealth doesn’t refer only to money.

There are many meanings of “Wealth”, and so many ways to reach it.

  • Time Wealth (you have a lot of time)
  • Physical Wealth ( you are a healthy person: No illness. Your body is perfectly functional. Beauty is a plus. )
  • Social Wealth ( you have a lot of friends and meaningful relationships)
  • Wealth of Knowledge ( you have time to read books and learn. You have a lot of Knowledge and Skills)
  • Financial Wealth ( you have a lot of money)

All of these are the ways your wealth could manifest itself.

Each of this forms of wealth can surely add value.

A crucial element to consider in this analysis is that reaching Financial Wealth gives you good chances to reach all the 3 other forms of wealth

If you have enough “FU Money”, you can set yourself free.

You can buy your time and your freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

You can travel around the world any time you want.

You can spend your time in the way you decide, without giving to any other person a justification.

You can quit an exhausting and meaningless day job.

With more free time, you can focus to improve your knowledge, health, relationships in a way other people can’t do, because they are focused only in their work.

This is why is so important to pursue financial wealth, in the less time possible.

It’s not a matter of staying watching a number on a screen.

It’s a way to expand your full potential and enjoy the life that you have been gifted.

But now some critical questions arise.

How can I expand my potential and enjoy my life?

How can I gain my freedom?

How can I build my wealth?

Let’s check out.

How to Build Financial Wealth in your 30’s.

You may have read a lot of financial books, you may have listened to various podcasts, but the answer is always the same.

There is a simple path if you want to build your wealth:

  • Avoid debt.
  • Spend less than you earn.
  • Invest the difference.
  • Repeat until you are wealthy. 

Yes, I know… it seems easy to say, but hard to do.

So, how you can take action?

1. Keep Low the Big 3 (House, Food, Transportation).

2.Master two or more rare skills. Better if they are not correlated. Use them to earn money as a freelancer or to get a high-paying job.

3. Eliminate Liabilities that take money away from your pocket.

4. Create assets that put money in your pocket.

If you want to build your Financial Wealth in your 30’s, You Need to Keep Low Your “Big 3” Expenses.

  • Food;
  • Housing;
  • Transportation.

These are your “Big 3”, and they account for about 62% of your total annual spending.


If you want to save a good amount of your hard earned money, and start building your wealth, you better regularly take a look and keep control of these major expenses.

As you can easily see from this chart:

  1. Housing account for about 30% of the total expenses.
  2. Transportation is about 15%
  3. Food is about 12%

Keep Low your Housing Expenses

How can you keep your housing expenses low?

Let’s deepen some key concepts.

  • Human tendencies
  • Clutter Culture
  • Minimalism
  • The nature of human adaptation

Human tendencies: 

UCLA researchers in 2012 published “ Life at Home in the 21st Century “.

They found that american families have a tendency to accumulate useless stuff, and spend their time almost always in the same rooms

Get stuff. Buy stuff. Keep it . Get more of it . Keep that, too. Display it all, and proudly.

“intellectually modern humans have peopled the planet, but never before has any society accumulated so many personal possessions.”

Scientist tracked the location of each family member and, according to the research, the average family spends most of their time at home in the kitchen or the family room.

They also found that many rooms are totally unused.

(e.g. guest bedrooms or dining rooms).

“68% of the family’s time was spent either in the kitchen or in the family room, near the TV and computer.”

You can easily see that the porch and the dining room are simply unused.

Living room is rarely used.

The unused rooms of the house are about 75% of the entire home.

This experiment shows that is extremely important that when you decide to buy or rent your home, you should take this decision taking in account what is the space you’ll effectively use everyday.

So keep low your housing expenses when you’re looking for a new home and don’t worry to eliminate useless spaces you’ll rarely use.

The human adaptation

Understanding the human adaptation helps you keeping your expenses low.

Humans adapt have tendency to quickly adapt to their environment .

So even a really big house starts to look quite normal, after a certain amount of time has passed.

Likewise, a really small house will begin to look normal over time.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to buy a small or large house.

However it will become normal for you over time.

By making the choice to live in a place that suits your needs, with rooms that you actually use on a regular basis, you can reduce your housing expenses and keep your overall expenses low.

Unfortunately, if you decide to live in a very large home with a lot of unused space, you still have to pay the cost.

By choosing to live in a home that suits your real necessities, that has rooms that you will really use everyday, you can dramatically reduce your housing costs and keep your expenses low.

Keep Low your Transportation Expenses

If you are wondering how can you keep transportation expenses low, the answer is really simple.

Avoid to make crazy expenses on a car, if you don’t need it.

In an articole of Morgan Housel, he explains the rich man in the car paradox, demonstrating why you don’t have to spend too much on your car just to impress your friends.

When you see someone driving a nice car, you rarely think, “Wow, the guy driving that car is cool.” Instead, you think, “Wow, if I had that car people would think I’m cool.” Subconscious or not, this is how people think.

The paradox of wealth is that people tend to want it to signal to others that they should be liked and admired. 

But in reality those other people bypass admiring you, not because they don’t think wealth is admirable, but because they use your wealth solely as a benchmark for their own desire to be liked and admired.

This stuff isn’t subtle. It is prevalent at every income and wealth level.

There is a growing business of people renting private jets on the tarmac for 10 minutes to take a selfie inside the jet for Instagram.

The people taking these selfies think they’re going to be loved without realizing that they probably don’t care about the person who actually owns the jet beyond the fact that they provided a jet to be photographed in.

The point isn’t to abandon the pursuit of wealth, of course.

Or even fancy cars – I like both.

It’s recognizing that people generally aspire to be respected by others, and humility, graciousness, intelligence, and empathy tend to generate more respect than fast cars.

Understanding the meaning of this paradox is extremely important if you want to avoid thousands of dollars of expenese and build a durable wealth for you and your family.

If you want to be admired by other people, you wont gain respect through buying a shiny Lamborghini.

This is why you have to buy a car, only if you really need it, and buy one that perfectly suits your needs.

Don’t make a big mistake overspending you earn, buying what you can’t afford just to impress your friends and neighbors.

Keep Low your Food Expenses

The last of your “big 3” expenses is food.

How can you do it?

The smartest way to save your money is simple: cook at home.

Forget Bars, Restaurants and Fast Foods.

They are simply too expensive to make an everyday habit..

…And obviously they are also the cause of your overweight, and your bad shape.

Learn how to cook, if you want to save loads of money.

Acquire Rare Skills in your 20’s. Build wealth in your 30’s.

Learn this simple concept.

If you do a job that anyone can do, you will earn a low salary.

If you do a job that no one else can do, you will be rich.

Street cleaners earn a low wage because anyone can do it.

Engineers and doctors earn high salaries because very few people have their specialist knowledge.

The rarer what you know and the harder is to teach it, the more money you will make.

If you want to be rich, learn some rare skills.

Learn how to do well hard and uncommon things.

If you can easily and effortlessly do things that others see as very difficult, you are a rich person.

If you can combine two or more rare skills you will easily be able to earn a high income very soon.

Combining High income and low expenses is the key to success.

Create Assets: Make your money work for you.

When you finally own a good stash of cash, you’ll discover that you no longer have to trade your time for money.

If you want to separate your time from your income you only have to do one thing: create or buy Assets.

Assets work for you.

Assets will earn money even when you are sleeping.

What specifically is an asset?

  • Real estate
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Digital Products
  • Websites
  • etc.

How can you acquire these assets?

Real estate / REITs.

You can choose to own a house and rent it, or buy some shares of REITs.

REITS stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts.

They own real estate and produce a monthly income.

They pay monthly dividends simply for owning them.

This is one of the commons way to effortlessly earn a passive income.

Stocks/ Bonds

You should invest in a passive index funds.

They can pay a dividend each quarter for owning them.


They earn income from ads, affiliate links, and products, and bring income for each month. 

Traffic can come from recurring Ads or organic search traffic.

Digital Products 

Build once, make money forever.

Once you build them, they no longer require your attention.

Conclusion: Keep low your expenses. Buy Assets.

If you want to build wealth, this is your blueprint.

  • Keep low housing, transportation, and food expenses.
  • Master one or two rare skills. Use it to earn a high income.
  • Buy or create assets. Make them work for you.