How to Make $3000 Fast

Recently, my best friend asked me: “I have to make $3000 fast, how can I do it?”

I normally advise my friend to adopt a long-term view, “find a good job and invest in an index fund“.

But there are some times in your life when you’re in financial difficulty and you need to earn some bucks very quickly.

In this second case, there are a few different options.

Choose your time frame.

Depending on how fast you need the money. You have to focus on short-term or mid-term tactics. 

In this post, I share some of the most common techniques to earn $3000 as fast as possible.

How to Make $3000 in 2 days

Here are some of the fastest ways you can get some money.

Ask your family. The most simple way to get $3000 as fast as possible is to simply ask your family. 

I know It may be very embarrassing, but this way is the fastest way to obtain some good money if you don’t have it and you are in extreme difficulty.

You can also offer to pay them back with some interest.

  • Retirement account.

Another way to get $3000 quickly is to withdraw it from your savings/retirement account.

If you are below the retirement age, you will pay a penalty if you get money from your retirement account, but this is still an easy way to get cash in difficult times. 

  • Credit card.

You can get money quickly by overdrawing your credit card. 

Obviously, this method is something you should absolutely avoid, but it is a realistic way to get the money that you actually don’t have. 

Pros: easy and quick money.

Cons: You’ll pay high-interest rates for doing this and your credit score may be seriously damaged if you don’t repay that money on time.

  • Pawnshop loan.

In troubled times you can go to the pawnshop.

If you give something valuable (gold, jewelry, other valuables) to the pawnshop, they’ll give you a loan in exchange.

Pros: quick money

Cons: High cost, High-Interest rates.

How to Make $3000 in less than 15 days.

The above options are very feasible but you’ll have to pay high-interest rates or fees. 

If you have more time, at least 15 days, there are better options to take. 

  • Sell unused stuff.

Selling stuff you don’t use is one of the best ways to earn money quickly.

Your Car, Bike, notebook, Ipad, iPod, musical instrument, smartphones, headphones, old Coins, you can sell everything.

 There are many different marketplaces:

  • Facebook Marketplace: A great option. You can reach a huge audience of people near you. 
  • Craigslist: the oldest and the greatest online marketplace. Very similar to Facebook Marketplace.
  • Ebay: you can make an online auction and sell literally everything.
  • Decluttr: Free platform to sell Smartphones, Tablet, CDs, DVDs, games, books.
  • Arbitrage. 

You can buy things for a lower price and sell them for a higher price, and make a profit.You don’t need any licenses or certifications.   you can go to thrift stores or garage sales; 

  • Rent your car.

Your car is not an asset, but a liability. It depreciates in value day by day. 

You can make money with a car-sharing platform. Your rent it and get some easy cash.

  • Dogsitting.

This is one of the easiest side hustles you can start.

You can join Rover (, and connect with other people looking for some help with their dogs.

  • Food delivery.

You can use many services (eg. Justeat, Glovo, Deliveroo, etc).

When a customer puts in an order, you receive the pickup and drop-off location details.

You’ll receive the payment when you complete the delivery. 

It’s incredibly simple to get started, you can work as much as you like.

  • Become a handyman.

You can post as a repair person or handyman on Craigslist or Facebook. 

People who are looking for some help can contact you for help. 

You’ll get paid cash for this type of work.

  • Sell knowledge.

Another way to earn good money is to sell what you know.

If you have a specific skill like coding, math, or a foreign language you can find someone who lives near you that is looking for your specific expertise.

Post on Facebook and Craigslist to advertise your services. 

You can easily charge $100+ per hour if you possess extremely rare knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

  • Donate plasma.

If any of the other methods don’t fit you, you can always think to donate plasma for cash. Many facilities allow you to donate twice per week at $50 per donation.


Depending on your specific time frame, there are many ways to earn some extra money.

Weigh your options, and find your way.

Money is all around you.